Our Mission is to provide innovative marketing success for our client's small business by making available high impact, cost-effective marketing solutions in their selected, localized markets.
1. Gor1la Media's business is based on the belief that: Small busines embodies the essence f the "American dream". Each client and prospect counts; each person counts; each deed counts; and each contact between a client or a prospect and an associate counts. Each client and prospect is either prospective future business or a prospective loss…depending upon the quality, reliability, and responsiveness of our products, services, and associates.

2. We are committed to providing world class service levels that exceed our clients' requirements and expectations with solutions that enable them to succeed in their businesses. We define service broadly — from initial contact with a prospect, to product and process quality, to anticipating client needs and preferences, to overall client satisfaction.

3. Outstanding associates are the key to our success. We cannot succeed as a world class service company unless we globally attract, motivate, empower, and retain exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, committed, and engaged associates. Our associates have a strong work ethic and results-orientation, believe in and support our core values, and reflect the diverse business environments in which we operate.

4. Success is measured by increasing numbers of extremely satisfied clients, higher client retention rates, broader client relationships, increased market share, higher associate satisfaction, engagement and retention rates, and consistent implementation of our values and corporate philosophy, resulting in ever-increasing revenues, earnings, and shareholder value.