Western Boot Soles
German Leather
This award winning soling leather is tanned naturally, over 12 months. The resulting Leather is noticably more flexible and breathable. The old world tanning process creates a much finer grain and much more durable product. Pop's recommends this sole for roping, riding and ranch work .Install this  sole on your daily boot to take the rigors of your toughest job.
Standard Leather
This leather sole is ideal for your favorite pair of dress boots. If you alternate boots the standard leather sole is for you.
German traction
style: Leather/composite
max thickness:.3/8 inches
color: tan/black
This is a Sole designed for extra traction in the stirrup or for brake,clutch pedals. The tough composite center is added to provide traction.

Standard Sole
style: Leather
max thickness:.6/8 inches
color: tan
This is a quality standard sole used for years by Pop's.
This sole is tanned 3 days with man made chemicals. 

style: Leather
max thickness:.3/8 inches
color: tan
This is award winning sole offers extra durability,breathability and flexibility. It is tanned naturally for twelve months. Pop's master cobblers must use machines to trim this sole as it is to dense to trim by hand

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